Computer Science Courses

COSC 110 Introduction to Computer Science (3)

Prerequisites: Recommended minimum ACT composite score of 23 or COSC 109. Introduction to the fundamental ideas and techniques of computer science. Introductory programming topics such as variables, sequence, selection, repetition, and objects will be covered. Students will spend a significant amount of time out of class writing and debugging code in a programming language.
Offered every semester.

(Recommended) COSC 109 Introduction to Information Management (3)

An introduction to fundamental principles, concepts and techniques that providers of information use to organize their data. Also studies techniques for using information effectively in decision making. Basic networking, web, database, spreadsheet and programming concepts will be covered. Does not count toward the Computer Science major or minor requirements.

(Recommended) COSC 130 Data Structures (3)

Prerequisite: COSC 110. Studies the implementation of common data structures such as stacks, queues, linked lists, and trees. Intermediate programming topics such as recursion, analysis of algorithms, and other topics will be introduced. Students will spend a significant amount of time out of class designing, writing, collaborating on, and debugging classes and programs.
Offered every semester.