Mathematics Courses

MATH 131 Calculus I (4)

Prerequisite: usually, 4 years of college bound mathematics or MATH 109. An introduction to differential calculus of functions of one variable. Covers concepts, mechanics, and applications of the derivative with an introduction to integral calculus. (MR)
Offered every semester.

MATH 132 Calculus II (4)

Prerequisite: MATH 131. An introduction to integral calculus of functions of one variable. Covers the definite integral, techniques of integration, and applications of the integral, as well as sequences, series, and polynomial approximations of functions. (MR)
Offered every semester.

MATH 215 Applied Statistics (4)

Prerequisite: MATH 109 or placement at the MATH 131 level (or above), or instructor permission. Introduces fundamental concepts of methods of statistics. Key ideas to be studied include data collection strategies and their scope of conclusion, the role of randomness in collecting data and drawing conclusions, graphical and numerical summaries of data, assessing statistical significance and estimating with confidence. Students may not receive credit for both MATH 105 and MATH 215. (MR)
Offered every spring.

MATH 231 Multivariable Calculus (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 132. Studies the principles, methods and applications of calculus in 3 or more dimensions. (MR)
Offered every fall.

MATH 240 Linear Algebra (4)

Prerequisite: MATH 131. Studies matrices, vector spaces and linear mappings. (MR)
Offered every spring.

MATH 330 Mathematical Modeling (3)

Prerequisites: MATH 132. Studies techniques for developing and interpreting mathematical models in several contexts such as: graphical models, proportionality, optimization, dynamic systems, probability, simulation and Markov processes.
Offered every even spring.

MATH 341 Probability (3)

Prerequisites: MATH 132. Includes axiomatic approach to probability, sample spaces and the study of distribution functions.
Offered every odd fall.

(Recommended) MATH 342 Statistics (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 341 (MATH 231 recommended). Study of distribution functions, estimation techniques and hypothesis testing.
Offered every even spring.

(Recommended) MATH 370 Numerical Analysis (3)

Prerequisites: MATH 132. A treatment of solutions of equations, interpolation and approximations, numerical differentiation and integration, matrix methods and numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations. Cross-listed as COSC 370.
Offered every even fall.