Tutoring & ACT in Upward Bound

Did you know you have access to an awesome interactive tutoring software? It is already paid for by Upward bound all you have to do is go to our Central College specific. Tutorme.com page and use your central college e-mail and create a password. You then will have access to over 300 subjects of tutors!

FREE Tutoring in Upward Bound

This is a tutoring software program that is exclusivly for Central College Upward Bound Students.  Please use your Central College email and create your own password the first time you log in. There are many different subjects you can get help in.

Online Tutoring Sign Up Guide

Step 1. Visit https://tutorme.com/p/CentralUpwardBound/

Step 2. Click “Sign Up”

Step 3. Click “Continue with Email”

Step 4. Sign up using your central.edu email address, and create your own password

Step 5. Use the search bar on the home page to select the subject you need help in.

Step 6. Type a brief description of your problem and upload any relevant files.

Step 7. When you are matched with a tutor you will be placed in the waiting room.
Take some time to chat with your tutor to make sure they understand your problem and
can help!

Step 8. When you are ready to begin working with your tutor, press “Enter Lesson”!


ACT Prep in Upward Bound

Over 10 hours of fully-animated video lessons ensure you understand every concept tested on the ACT, while keeping you engaged with great story lines and fun characters.

Step 1. Visit http://act.tutorme.com/courses/ACT to sign up.

Step 2. Click “Get Started”

Step 3. Create your account using your email, your parent’s email, and your own

personal password. Click “Create Account” when you are finished.

Step 4. On the checkout page, click “Have a coupon?” Enter the code

centralcollege2020”. Press “Apply”.

Step 5. The price will go down to $0.00. Make sure you don’t enter any credit card

information. Press “Purchase”.

Step 6. Begin the course! You can take the course from any computer, smart

phone, or tablet. When you sign out, the course will pick up right where you left off

next time you sign in.


Tutor Me Writing Lab in Upward Bound

TutorMe Writing Lab

Our development team has been working hard to create a robust writing support tool that embodies TutorMe’s core values. Just like our 24/7 synchronous tutoring, the writing lab will be supported by our network of over 10,000 trained and highly qualified tutors.

Here’s how it works

On the homepage, students will now have two options: “Connect with a Live Tutor” and “Get Writing Help”.  The “Connect with a Live Tutor” will match them with a tutor as they always have.  The “Get Writing Help” will allow students to submit a paper for asynchronous feedback. The writing assignment has to be submitted in a Word (.docx) format.  The character count will be utilized to determine how much time will be required to review the paper. Once submitted, we will use our smart matching algorithm to ensure each writing piece is assigned to the most qualified tutor.  Reviewed papers will be returned to students in less than 12 hours.