eTranscript FAQs

Is an eTranscript considered an official transcript?

Yes!  All eTranscripts are digitally certified as official using Adobe’s Blue Ribbon digital certificate and are identical to the paper transcripts.   Be sure to check with your intended recipient to make sure they will accept an eTranscript as official prior to ordering.

Isn’t an eTranscript the same thing as an emailed transcript?

No. An emailed transcript is not secure; therefore, Central College will never attach a transcript to an email message. An eTranscript is ordered through the online ordering system and sent via a secure system and digitally certified as official.

How do I request an electronic transcript (eTranscript)?

eTranscripts are ordered through the Parchment, Inc. ordering system.  eTranscripts are only available to students who attended after 1993.

Why can’t I find the eTranscript link when I go to the Parchment ordering system?

eTranscripts are only available to students who attended after 1993. Please continue with the Parchment Inc. ordering system to request your paper transcript to be mailed or picked-up.

I need to attach a document to my official transcript.  Can I still request my transcript online?

Yes, the Parchment ordering system allows you to attach a document to each of their ordering options (eTranscript, mailed, and pick-up).  The “Order Options” area includes a place to upload a form.

Can I submit multiple transcript requests at one time?

Provided you select the same processing option on each of your orders (either send now, hold for grades, or hold for degrees), you may submit more than one request in one online order.

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