Students who wish to re-enroll at Central College after a hiatus of suspension or withdrawal make contact with the following administrators who will facilitate the re-entry process.  Applications are due no later than one week prior to the first class day of the semester in which the student wishes to re-enroll.  Students who have been away (i.e. withdrawn or suspended) for more than two years must complete the requirements in effect at the time of re-entry.   Students approved for re-entry will be required to satisfy all prior financial obligations and to make an enrollment deposit prior to being eligible to register for classes or receive a housing assignment.

Withdrawal Type Facilitator/Primary Contact
Student initiated/voluntary withdrawal Registrar
Administrative withdrawal (non-attendance) Registrar
Medical Withdrawal Associate Academic Dean
Academic Suspension Associate Academic Dean
Disciplinary Suspension Vice Pres. Student Dev/Dean of Students

Application for Reentry