Summer 2024

To view the Summer 2024 course offerings, click here for the online searchable schedule. (Summer 2024 will be available in early March)

Admission/Eligibility to Enroll:

Current Central College students are automatically eligible to enroll in Summer Session Courses.  If you wish to take summer courses but do not intend to seek a degree from Central, you may register as a guest student.  The guest student registration form is available here.  If you intend to become a degree seeking student at Central, an application for admission is available here.

Tuition, Payment and Withdrawal Policies:

On-campus, Directed Study, Independent Study, Practicum $500 per semester hour of credit
Consortium On-line Courses $300 per semester hour of credit
Summer Internship $300 per semester hour of credit

All tuition and fees must be paid by May 15 for the summer term.  Contact the Business Office (641-628-5185) to discuss payment options.  There is no tuition refunded for withdrawal from courses after the last day to drop for each session (deadlines noted below).

Session    Start Date*  End Date*  Last day to
Last Day to
Last Day to Withdraw*
Ind.   Study, Internship, Directed Study, Practicum Tues. May 28 Fri. Aug. 2 Fri. May 3 Wed. June 5 Wed. July 10
10-Week   Online Tues. May 28 Fri. Aug. 2 Wed. June 5
5-Week   On Campus  Tues. May 28 Fri. June 28 Wed. May 31 Wed. May 31 Wed. June 19

*Consortium course deadlines may vary.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office for specific dates.

Now until May 3 Practicum, Internship, Independent Study & Directed Study:
These courses are offered on an individual basis and are not listed in the schedule below. Each requires a specific form available from the Registrar, or online @

Now until June 5 Registration for 10-Week Session:
Note:  Courses to be cancelled due to low enrollment will be cancelled by Friday, May 10.

Now until  May 31 Registration for 5-Week Session:
Note:  For add/ drop deadlines, contact the Registrar at

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid may be available, depending on your specific circumstances.  Contact the Financial Aid Office (  or  or call 641.628.5187 or 641.628.5911) as soon as possible to ensure that any aid is awarded before the start of the session.

Student Employment

Students enrolled in summer session courses may be eligible to obtain a job on campus during and after the completion of courses.  For more information, contact the Human Resources Office at (641) 628-7681.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available for students enrolled in summer session courses.  For more information, contact the residence life office at 641.628.5180 or or check out the information, contract and rates on ->campus life->residence life.

Registration Instructions

Review the schedule of courses via the online schedule.  Course descriptions and prerequisite information are also available online.  Current degree-seeking Central students may register online via Self Service Student Planning. Guest students must file a Guest Student Registration Form.

Completed forms should be returned to the Registrar ( or inside the Central Service Center, 2nd floor, Central Hall).  Should you wish to change your schedule, you can do so online or via the Registration Change Form.

Changing Your Schedule /Withdrawing from Courses

During the Add/Drop Period, students can add and/or drop courses online via Student Planning, or by submitting a completed Registration Change form to the Registrar (2nd floor, Central Hall) or by e-mailing There is no fee for schedule changes made during the Add/Drop Period, and dropped courses do not appear on the academic transcript. Any tuition paid for courses dropped during this period will be refunded in full (contact the Business Office at  641.628.5185 for more information).  Housing refunds will be made on a pro-rated basis.

During the Withdrawal Period, students must submit a completed Registration Change Form to the Registrar. There is no tuition refunded for course withdrawals, and a grade of “W” will appear on the academic transcript.  Housing refunds will be made on a pro-rated basis.  Course withdrawals are not permitted after the withdrawal period.

IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for registration in and withdrawal from courses. Class attendance does not constitute registration in a course; likewise, absence from a class – including never attending class – does not constitute official withdrawal from a course. No credit will be awarded for courses in which a student is not properly registered by the deadline, and no refunds will be given for courses from which students have not officially dropped.

Practicum  ~ Internship  ~ Independent Study  ~ Directed Study

These courses are offered every term but on a limited basis; accordingly, they are not listed on the online schedule. Each requires a special registration form and various signatures (instructor, advisor, department chair, etc.).  To register for any of these courses, students must submit all required forms, which are available on-line at my.Central.  Deadline for required forms is noted in the table above (Last Date to Add)

Courses with Pre-Requisites

To register for any course listed, the student must meet each of the required prerequisite.  Check the online schedule or current College Catalog for more information. Students seeking an exemption from a prerequisite must obtain the course instructor approval, or that of the department chair in which the course is taught.

Schedule Overloads

Students may register for a maximum of 9 semester hours during the summer, and students taking more than 7 s.h. of credit will be considered full-time students.  Students seeking to take more than 10 s.h. of credit during the summer must obtain approval from the Registrar’s Office ( ).

Online (Web-Based) Courses

All of the 10-week session courses will be conducted either primarily or exclusively online.  Students enrolling in online courses are encouraged to contact the instructor prior to registration so they are aware of the nature of the course, teaching methods, technological requirements, and attendance expectations.