New Transfer Registration

Steps for Enrolling as a Transfer Student at Central College:

1.  Complete the transfer student application procedure.

2.  The admissions office will notify you regarding your acceptance to Central.

3.  Accepted students will receive an email from the registrar’s office outlining how your courses will transfer to Central.  The email includes: a course-by-course transfer credit explanation, program evaluations showing how your courses apply toward the core of general education requirements and your potential major(s), and an overall summary of the number of credits transferred and pending. Course equivalencies from numerous Iowa community colleges are available here.  Note: the equivalency guide pertains to Iowa community colleges only and is subject to change.

4.  Pay the $200 enrollment deposit to the admission office.

5.  Your student login information for email and the my.Central student portal will be provided to you. In my.Central you’ll find your Central email, link to the student portals, announcements, student forms, information about departments, offices, and activities, and much more.

6. The registrar’s office will send you an email with your advisor’s name and contact information.  You should then schedule a time to come to campus and meet with your advisor so the two of you can plan your schedule.  Be sure to bring your username and password to your meeting so you can login and register for classes while you are with your advisor.  Central students register for classes online using Self Service Student Planning.

Registering for Classes

Once the deposit is paid and you have met with your advisor and received approval, you may register as soon as registration opens for your class.  You can view the registration schedule here. For incoming transfer students, class standing is determined by the number of credits that transferred. Class standing is not an indication of how many semesters or years remaining before completion of a degree. Courses currently in progress are not included in this number.  You can check your scheduled registration time and holds in Student Planning or at Check Registration Time/Holds. Class standing guidelines are as follows:

Number of Credits Transferred to Central Class Standing
>    58 Third-year
28-58 Second-year
0-27 First-year

Students register online via Student PlanningSelf Service Student Planning step-by-step registration instructions are available.

In addition to registering for classes, Student Planning also gives you access to your academic and financial information.  It includes information such as your grades, course schedule, transcript, program evaluation, financial aid award, and account statement.


Transfer student should also complete the Math and Language Assessments unless transferring in Math or Language credit.

  • Complete the math assessment process on the New Student Portal. Please note that you may not register for math courses until you’ve completed the placement.
  • Complete the language assessment process on the New Student Portal (for students who have taken a year or more of Spanish, French, or German in high school). Please note that you may not register for language courses until you’ve completed the placement.  The assessment serves two purposes to help students decide which language course to choose as their first language course in college and possibly to meet the language proficiency requirement for the core curriculum. Students may take the assessment one time per language. Students who do not take the assessment prior to matriculation must have the assessment proctored by a member of the Language, Literature Communication faculty or select designate. Students who need to take the assessment should contact the chair of the Language, Literature and Communication department to schedule a time to take it no less than two weeks prior to the start of registration.

Final Transcripts

Final official transcripts must be received from all colleges attended before registering for your second semester at Central.  A registration hold will be placed until all transcripts are received.


Director of Admission
Chevy Freiburger
1st floor, Central Hall

Admission Representative
Drew Sikkink
1st floor, Central Hall

Associate Registrar
Julie Fopma
2nd floor, Central Hall

Director of Financial Aid
Wayne Dille
2nd Floor, Central Hall

Class Dean of 2024
Mark Mills
Maytag Student Cntr 210A

Class Dean of 2025
Amy Young
Maytag Student Cntr 210B
641-628- 5296

Class Dean of 2026
Jeremy Burke
Maytag Student Cntr 210C

Class Dean of 2027
Oscar Reynaga
Maytag Student Cntr 210D