Registration for Fall 2022 starts April 4

Students should contact their advisor early to schedule an advising/registration meeting.  Students will register themselves online via Self- Service Student Planning (SSSP). (Students who are not on campus Spring 2022 should contact their advisor via e-mail to discuss their Fall 2022 registration choices.)  Students will not be able to access the online registration system until the advisor has cleared the advising registration hold and all other holds are cleared.

The registration schedule below is used to assign your registration date and time. To view your official classification and registration time go here:

Registration Group
Week 1 Week 2
Registration Group* 1 2 3
Completed Semesters 4 or more 2,3 0,1
Week 1 Mon. April-4





Tues. April-5
Wed. April-6



Thurs. April-7
Fri. April-8


Week 2 Mon. April- 11




Tues. April- 12

April- 13


* Note: Your registration group is based on the number of full-time completed semesters. College semesters completed while in high school do not count.  Registration group questions should be directed to the Registrar’s Office staff (

** IF you miss your assigned registration window, you may still register during a different group time. However, the system will provide only one opportunity, so be sure you include all desired coursework AND the schedule has no conflicts.

Registration will remain open to all students from Wednesday, April 13 until New Student Orientation, June 14, and then reopens mid-July.

Registration Time
Last Name Begins With Registration Opens
S-Z 7:00 a.m.
A-D 7:30 a.m.
E-K 7:50 a.m.
L-R 8:50 a.m.


Registration Planning Tools

Registration Instructions —–  Student Planning Registration Instructions—–   Searchable Schedule  —–   Forms

  • Prepare for Advising Session:  Students should add classes to their Course Plan on Student Planning to develop a tentative schedule.  Bring your plan to your advising appointment. Don’t forget to remind your advisor to clear your advising hold prior to leaving your advising meetingWhile academic advisors, faculty and staff provide significant academic planning and related assistance to students, completion of all degree requirements, and the process of monitoring progress to that end, is ultimately the responsibility of the student. 
  • Check Registration Holds:  Students must clear all holds before attempting to register. You can check your registration holds here or on Student Planning. Students who have not met with their advisor, need to declare a major, have an account balance greater than $100, a past due monthly payment plan, missing final transcripts, or not completed Title IX training will not be allowed to register. Students with a minimum of 84 completed credits must also complete the Graduation Application here to register.
  • Online Registration:  Students should register for a maximum of 18 credits online via SSSP any time after their assigned registration start day/time and once all holds have been cleared.  Students who wish to receive assistance with the registration process may stop by the registrar’s office between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Remember to add the course SECTION to your plan to be able to register for the course (it will show on your calendar view).
  • 100-Level Courses:  As in previous years, 100-level courses are being held for incoming new first year students.  Please plan your registration accordingly.
  • Waitlisting: Utilize the waitlist option for classes if you are not able to register for a section because it was full or if seats are being held for underclassmen.  This applies to ALL courses, including LAS 410. Waitlists will be run after the last New Student Orientation mid-July so watch your email in the summer.
  • Schedule Changes:  Once registration re-opens for all students on April 13, students will be allowed to make changes to their schedule via SSSP until June 14.  Registration for current students closes during New Student Orientation and will re-open mid- July after the final orientation session.  Registration changes must be discussed with your advisor.
  • Special Registration Notes:  For some courses a paper form is required. If you complete the necessary from prior to registration beginning, you can bring it to the registrar’s office for processing. This will allow you to register on your assigned day and time for the course indicated on the form. This is a new feature in SSSP.

Online Registration Disallowed              Form Required**
Closed/Full Courses                                 Registration Change Form
Instructor Permission Required                Registration Change Form
Overload (over 18 credits)                       Overload Request Form
Prerequisite Waiver                                  Registration Change Form
Audit                                                         Registration Change Form
Pass/No Credit                                         Contact Registrar’s Office
Internship/Practicum                                 Internship (Handshake)/Practicum Form
Directed Study                                          Directed Study Form
Independent Study                                   Independent Study Form
Honors Enrichment#                                 Honors Enrichment Credit Form
Senior Honors Thesis#                             Senior Honors Thesis Form 

**Most forms are available via the Registrar’s page on my.Central, and must be returned to the Registrar’s Office.

# Registration in Honors Enrichment or Senior Honors Thesis requires approval of the Honors Director.

For more information regarding special registration options, see the current Catalog or contact the Registrar’s Office.

Other Helpful Items:

  • Degree Requirement Check List — A Degree Requirement Checklist is useful to students who are looking at core graduation requirements.
  • Students who do not take the Language Placement prior to entering Central must have the assessment proctored by a member of the Language, Literature, and Communication faculty or select designate. Students who need to take the placement assessment should contact the chair of the Language, Literature, and Communication department to schedule a time to take it no less than two weeks prior to the start of registration. Students may take the assessment one time per language.
  • Registration Ready — Use the registration ready link to find out when you are eligible to register, to see if you have received advisor approval, and to confirm you don’t have any holds placed on your registration by the billing office, health services or registrar.  These holds could include: Advisor approval; Title IX Training; final official college transcript needed; graduation application due (if you have at least 84 completed credits); account balance holds; monthly payment plans that are past due or have balances over $100.  Students must clear all holds before attempting to register.
  • Searchable Schedule — Use the searchable schedule to find courses you need for your core and major(s).  You can search for courses that meet specific core requirements or which meet a particular time of day.
  • Four-year plans– The departments have provided four-year plans on myCentral for each major so you can see which courses you need to take each year. You will be asked to login to myCentral if aren’t already logged in.